Welcome to Daydreams and Mom Jeans! I’m Geneeka, a single mother of two beautiful toddlers, an Indiana University MPH graduate student, and a writer. I know, how do I do all of that with two kids? That’s a question I’m often asked, and honestly, I’m still figuring that out myself. There are actually some women who do it with more. Salute to them! But y’all know how the saying goes, it always seems impossible until it’s done.

Here at DDMJ we provide a safe space for single mothers to have a voice, create positive discussion around co-parenting and mental health, and promote self reflection, all for the strengthening of the black family unit.  Last but least, we encourage mothers to follow their dreams! Life isn’t over when you become a mom, I promise!

I started DDMJ with the millennial in mind. Times are changing and so is the modern day woman, including what it means to be a mother. No longer are we sitting at home, cooking, cleaning, and changing diapers. We’re doing all of that, PLUS getting degrees, running businesses, and whatever else we put our minds to. However, it’s not easy and we must be sure that we’re keeping ourselves prioritized on our to do lists.

It is my hope that as I share my heart, stories of hardship, tales of triumph, and tips for convenience that mothers find inspiration to continue in pursuit of their dreams, while taking care of both their mental and physical health at the same time, ultimately creating better environments for their children. Here’s to supporting one another, running after our dreams, loving on our babies, sharing pro tips, staying sane, and most importantly, building stronger families! May we not lose ourselves in motherhood, but instead let it inspire us to be great and love even harder. Enjoy!