Why Is Energy Important?

Energy. Good energy, bad energy, no matter how much we try to avoid it, it’s there. How we use the energy is the key.

We wake up everyday with new energy flowing through our bodies, ready to take on the world, but what contributes to that energy is on you. As a woman and also a mother, my daily battle is supplying enough positive energy to get me through the day without feeling like I’m going to crumble.

I go to work and I have to be “Work Jasmin” and then I go home and I have to be “Mommy Jasmin”, there’s a thin line between the two. Where’s the balance within those two personas? That’s where the bad energy tends to try to find home, lingering thoughts of feeling like I can’t do both.

Don’t get me wrong, I manage to make it, but when those two worlds collide it seems like it’s impossible some days to balance them out. Work seems to keep me contingent with the obvious reason any adult would feel secure, money is being made. As a mother though, I have a clear mind without those precious kids of mine yelling my name 1,000 times a day. In addition to that, I’m around other adults having adult conversations, and I’m free for 8 hours a day to be just Jasmin. Baby Shark who?! Now here’s the catchy part, who is just Jasmin? Every morning, I wake up from being mommy Jasmin and dry those tears of frustration from doing this day in and day out. Then, I go into work like I actually slept a good night’s sleep and enjoy this life I live as a single parent; it gets tiresome for sure.

So now the question becomes how do I break loose and find my center? There are three key things: find the bad source, eliminate it with something good, and use it. Use your power from within and change what’s negatively affecting you.

How to find your balance.

I could go on and on about ways to find the balance, but no two lives are the same. What may be negative to me might not be the same for you, as we all handle situations differently. Some of the balance in my life come from people who actually know me beyond the front. Being able to vent to them helps me hear out loud what I’m letting negatively affect me. Often, we give too much of ourselves, exhausting unnecessary energy that we could be saving for a more positive aspect of our day. Self-reflection has been my most beneficial method for restoration of balance.

It’s up to you to find your inner balance. Whatever you let in may it be people, emotions, or any negative entity, you have to be ready to let it out. Think about your job, intimate relationships (them soul ties are no joke), or even family and friends. Be wise on what you allow in.

Manifest on the good, live in those joyous moments and realize how good it made you feel. Diminish the bad by acknowledging that whatever you dealt with that day just didn’t work out for your inner alignment. Those two things are very easy to establish, the rest comes with time and self-realization. Get to know yourself. Find your center, figure out what contributes to your better well-being, begin the process of eliminating the negatives, and work on magnifying the positive.

Protect your mind and soul, self-betterment is the goal. Oh, and how’s your energy? ✌🏽


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Hi! I’m Geneeka! The M&M's and Three's mommy. I was born in Indianapolis, IN, raised in Hopkinsville, KY and made my way back to Indy after finishing undergrad at the University of Kentucky. It is my goal to empower single mothers to continue to find time for themselves and to continue to pursue their goals and aspirations.

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