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Natural Hair Care: Why You Need Mama Neeka’s Hair Remedy

What do your natural hair care routine look like? I think I have a product you’re going to love. In fact, I think it’ll become a vital part of!

What’s the story?

I’ve always been someone who prefers home remedies to store bought products. I once tried to battle strep with ACV. While I still ended up in someone’s emergency room, I was never discouraged from trying. I did the big chop in 2015 after my son was born. They say when a woman cuts her hair, she’s about to change her life. And after hearing about what perm could do to metal pipes, I was sold.

My afro was big and she seemed to grow with every wash day, but I could never find my “it” product. I could never get the LOC method down. I trudged along in my natural hair care journey, trying this and that. And then one day, I had a daughter. She was born with a head full of straight, jet black hair, but she didn’t keep it long. She pulled out her hair as her scalp lost the battle to cradle cap. There I was nervous because I couldn’t braid, and the little girl didn’t even have any hair. (Family will tell you that she had hair, and she did, but it wasn’t much. Ha!) so, I went back to the kitchen, mixing this and that, until finally we found something that worked, Mama Neeka’s Hair Remedy.

Who Can Use It?

Mama Neeka’s Hair Remedy is an oil blend that I formulated in 2020. It doesn’t contain any toxins or chemicals. The remedy is safe for children and works great with most hair types. Over the years, it’s helped me maintain my locs, thicken my daughter’s natural hair tresses, and it’s even saved us from some bald spots.

Women, men, and children with natural, relaxed, loc’d, or protected hair can benefit from using the Remedy. It aids in growth, thickening, sealing in moisture and scalp health.

If you’re natural, this oil NEEDS to be a part of your natural hair care routine!

How Do I Use It?

Mama Neeka’s hair remedy is very versatile. I encourage people to incorporate it into their hair routine as much as possible without leaving their hair extra oily. You don’t want to overdo it, but you can use the oil in many ways!

Before & After Photos/Testimonials:

Do you have a bottle of The Hair Remedy?

Do you have a bottle of the Remedy? Head on over to our store and let us know why you love it!

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