Hi Everyone! I’m Geneeka.

My friends call me Mama Neeka. I’m a single mother of two beautiful toddlers; Malik (5) and Mahari (4). I wasn’t the girl who dreamed of having a family. Ninety percent of pregnancies are unplanned and mine were no different! Ha! Nonetheless, motherhood has roped me in and made me a woman. It’s taken me outside of myself, pushed me to the edge on my worst days, but somehow I still find the beauty in it all. There are days when I don’t want to get out of bed, but I still manage to pull myself up to resume my role as CEO of our household. And I know you do it, too! So this is for you! I started this site as a safe space for black mothers to keep it real about what single motherhood truly looks like. Motherhood in itself isn’t always the fantasy, stay at home, craft life that we’re shown on television. Single motherhood is a different beast in itself. Some days it gets ugly!

It is my hope that as I share my heart, stories of hardship, tales of triumph, and tips for convenience that mothers find inspiration to continue in pursuit of their dreams, while taking care of both their mental and physical health at the same time, ultimately creating better environments for their children. Here’s to supporting one another, running after our dreams, loving on our babies, sharing pro-tips, staying sane, and most importantly, building stronger families! Enjoy!

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