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We feel our best when we look our best. Be kind to your skin and it’ll be kind to you. Be mindful of what you’re using on your face and how your skin reacts to it, from the soap you use to the amount of water you drink. It all works together. 🌻

Charcoal Shea: I recommend this bar for oily skin. It draws out oil, exfoliates, and helps with dark spot removal, leaving your skin feeling soft.

Honey Beauty Bar: I recommend this bar for combination and acne prone skin. It’s great for calming inflammation and reducing redness from breakouts. This beauty bar exfoliates, draws out excess oil, and replenishes the moisture in your face. If you have oily skin, you may not want to use this particular bar as it has many moisturizing properties and may leave you looking a little shiny.

Hello Sunshine Turmeric Bar: If you want a natural glow and a youthful look, this is the beauty bar for you! Turmeric helps even your skin tone and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Similar to the Honey Beauty Bar, it helps calm inflammation from breakouts. This bar can also be used on the body!

All bars are great for makeup removal.

Bars may be used in combination with one another (ex: one type in the morning, one type at night)

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Charcoal Shea Beauty Bar, Honey Beauty Bar, Hello Sunshine Turmeric Beauty Bar


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